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September 12, 2014

Researchers highlight the importance of cell-to-cell contact in cardiosphere‐derived cell-mediated induction of proliferation in cardiomyocytes. Herein we review the findings and discuss the ramifications.

Article Scans

September 12, 2014
Supplementation of a simple laminin protein known to enhance muscle stem cell and overall muscle function may allow for an improved regenerative muscular response to exercise.
September 12, 2014
Using Xenopus oocytes, researchers have begun to unravel the specific events which occur during oocyte-mediated reprogramming of mouse somatic nuclei after nuclear transfer.

Editors' Blog

by Lyle Armstrong

May 5,2014

You can always be sure of a heated debate about almost anything to do with stem cells but few topics seem to inflame opinions more than the possibility of human cloning.

December 4,2013

We always wanted the STEM CELLS Portal to be a friendly, approachable, and above all easy-to-use resource. This is not always a simple goal given the vast and increasing volume of data related to stem cell research, but we hope we have improved the Portal sufficiently to encourage our existing users to make more use of the facility and to make it easier for new users to get involved.