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January 5, 2015

Researchers using a novel technique find that potential therapeutic worth of mesenchymal stem cells is linked to their motility

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January 26, 2015
Using mouse models, researchers demonstrate the ability to integrate cone photoreceptors into the mouse retina improving responses to light stimuli
January 26, 2015
Researchers discover that ageing alters mesenchymal stem cell population dynamics, leading to an accumulation of non-functional cells

Editors' Blog

by Lyle Armstrong

January 2,2015

Before the renaissance it was thought that the world was flat, and woe betide anyone who said differently! Things are not quite so bad these days, but not so long ago the stem cell world had a tendency to be flat too.  The vast majority of stem cell cultures were 2-dimensional.

May 5,2014

You can always be sure of a heated debate about almost anything to do with stem cells but few topics seem to inflame opinions more than the possibility of human cloning.

December 4,2013

We always wanted the STEM CELLS Portal to be a friendly, approachable, and above all easy-to-use resource. This is not always a simple goal given the vast and increasing volume of data related to stem cell research, but we hope we have improved the Portal sufficiently to encourage our existing users to make more use of the facility and to make it easier for new users to get involved.