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'Labyrinth' chip could help monitor aggressive cancer stem cells

Inspired by the Labyrinth of Greek mythology, a new chip etched with fluid channels sends blood samples through a hydrodynamic maze to separate out rare circulating cancer cells into a relatively clean stream for analysis. It is already in use in a breast cancer clinical trial.

Mechanism behind age-associated bone loss described

Researchers have detailed an underlying mechanism that leads to a major health problem for older people, osteoporosis. When this mechanism malfunctions, progenitor cells stop creating bone-producing cells and instead create fat cells.

Researchers find possible new treatment for aggressive form of breast cancer

Scientists from the cluster of excellence BIOSS Centre for Biological Signalling Studies at the University of Freiburg and the Freiburg University Medical Center have shown that inhibiting the epigenetic regulator KDM4 might offer a potential novel treatment option for breast cancer patients.

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The Stem Cells Portal brings you a roundup of some of the new and exciting stories in the ever-changing world of stem cells, regenerative medicine, and beyond!

Developing Engineered Biosphincters to Cure Fecal Incontinence

Researchers move their engineered biosphincters from a rodent model to a successful large animal model in the hope of treating fecal incontinence in human patients

Controlling Stem Cells with an Engineered DNA Culture System

A new study describes how a novel engineered DNA culture system may facilitate stem cell studies and the construction of enhanced biomaterials

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The Stem Cells Portal brings you a roundup of some of the new and exciting stories in the ever-changing world of stem cells, regenerative medicine, and beyond!

‘Epigenetic’ changes from cigarette smoke may be first step in lung cancer development

Scientists at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center say they have preliminary evidence in laboratory-grown, human airway cells that a condensed form of cigarette smoke triggers so-called “epigenetic” changes in the cells consistent with the earliest steps toward lung cancer development.

India and Japan sign agreement to collaborate on stem cell research

India’s Department of Biotechnology announced that it has implemented a cooperative program with Japan to accelerate the application of stem cell technology in human disease with four institutions from India participating with the Centre for iPS Cell Research and Application (CiRA), Kyoto University, Japan, as international partner.

Antibody study suggests better way to reprogram stem cells

Scientists at the Scripps Research Institute (SRI) have found a new approach to the “reprogramming” of ordinary adult cells into stem cells.

In a study published early online in Nature Biotechnology, the scientists screened a library of 100 million antibodies and found several that can help reprogram mature skin-like cells into stem cells known as induced pluripotent stem cells (IPSCs).


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