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Bioprinting Stem Cells – A Viable Strategy to Create Transplantable Organs?

A new study shows that 3D printing of stem cells is viable, and may be used in the future as the basis of human organ construction in vivo.

MESP1 – Master of Mesendoderm?

Using a new strategy, researchers uncover new roles for Mesp1 as an important regulator of mesendodermal differentiation in mouse embryonic stem cells.

Patching Up the Heart – iPSC-Derived cardiomyocytes do the job!

Researchers show that an effective cardiac patch can be constructed cardiomyocytes derived from patient specific stem cells.

ELA – A New Member of the Pluripotency Network

Researchers discover a hormone peptide involved in regulating pluripotency in human embryonic stem cells.

Revealing the Cyclical Control of Stem Cell Bivalency

A new study highlights the unexpectedly dynamic nature of bivalent chromatin domains in stem cells and shows how the cell cycle mediates their formation.

Slow and Sure Wins the iPSC Race?

New research suggests that increasing the proliferative rate of fibroblasts before reprogramming actually reduces the efficiency of iPSC formation.

Humanized Mice Aid the Study of Immune Response to hiPSC-derived Cells

Using a mouse model with a human immune system, researchers find that not all induced pluripotent stem cell derivatives are equal, immunologically speaking.

Reduction in Immunogenicity May Boost ESC-based Therapies

Disruption of the antigen-presenting system in hESCs generates cells with reduced immunogenicity, in what could be the first step towards creating immuneprivileged, and universally accepted cells/tissues.

Understanding Autism with Patient-Specific Stem Cell Derived Brain Organoids

Exciting new study combining iPSCs and 3D organoid cultures discovers that stem cell amplification due to the overexpression of FOXG1 may lie at the root of autism spectrum disorder.

Naïve Pluripotency - New Direction, Same Destination

A new and easy method of inducing the naïve pluripotent state in human embryonic stem cells is described in a new study


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