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CIRM Awards $150 Million to Advance Stem Cell Therapies

"Everything we do in this innovative Disease Team Program is focused on getting good science converted to productive treatments for patients," says Alan Trounson, Ph.D., CIRM's president. "These awards reflect and highlight our commitment to identifying the most promising stem cell research and supporting it for the time needed to show both the safety and effectiveness of therapy."

The ultimate goal, he added, is to develop new treatments approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.

The funding is part of the stem cell agency's Disease Team II awards that encourage multidisciplinary teams of researchers to collaborate on developing new treatments for a broad range of therapies. The recipients were selected from 21 applications, all of which were reviewed by an independent group of internationally renowned scientists.

Each research team is expected to file a request to begin clinical trials or to complete phase I or II clinical trials within four years.

The CIRM board also approved the fourth Research Leadership Award to foster the recruitment of Andrew McMahan from the Harvard Stem Cell Institute to the University of Southern California's Broad Center for Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research. He plans to use the US $5.7 million award to study ways to repair and regenerate kidney tissue.

CIRM funds late-stage research projects moving toward potential therapies in 37 diseases. The full list and descriptions of the projects can be found on the CIRM website.

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