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CIRM Extends Research Funding to South America

The agreement with Brazil was signed on March 26 by CIRM President Alan Trounson and Glaucius Oliva, president of Brazil's National Council for Scientific Technological Development. Argentina's agreement was signed by Trouson and Lino Baranao, Minister of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation of Argentina, on March 28.

"Both Brazil and Argentina have strong and robust stem cell research communities in basic science and translational clinical science," Trounson said. "This should create exciting synergies with scientists in California and help us further leverage California's investment in the field for the good of patients in North and South America."

The agreements will make it easier to fund collaborative research projects between California and the two South American countries. CIRM will fund California's portions of the work while the South American agencies will fund their own portions. The agreements include exploring opportunities for exchange programs for researchers and joint seminars, conferences and workshops.

"This agreement follows the same direction our Ministry is taking on stem cell research," Argentine Minister Baranao said. "We give funds to our researchers and then actively work with our Assessment Committee in Stem Cells on informing the community about the status of the research and the research that is authorized for treatment with stem cells."

The agreements build on CIRM's network of stem cell researchers worldwide, which includes 17 other national and international collaborations.

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