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Medical Expert Says Nigeria Health Bill Would Lead to Human Embryo Trading

Njemanze said in an interview he was concerned that if the bill passes, impoverished Nigerian women will sell their eggs to IVF clinics funded by entities outside the country, which would then illegitimately export them for sale in the international market.

"When they sell these eggs at the international market, the buyers fertilize them and they become embryos, thus making them full-fledged Nigerians," the paper reported him saying.

According to Njemanze, the embryos would then be used for stem cell research and "these Nigerians" would later be killed in the laboratories. He also said that many of the women selling the eggs would later develop major health problems and die.

Njemanze added that the act of selling women's eggs, which has been banned in Europe, was being rerouted to Nigeria through the sponsorship of the National Health Bill.

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