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Milestone Stem Cell Treatment Could Assist ALS Patients’ Walking and Breathing

"We are now dosing in both the lumbar and cervical regions of the spinal cord for the first time, where the stem cell therapy could support both walking and breathing," said Karl Johe, Ph.D., Neuralstem's chairman and chief scientific officer.

This is also the first patient returning to the trial for a second treatment.

"Transplanting the first of the returning patients represents a major milestone in the trial," Dr. Johe added. "The ability to safely administer multiple dosings to these patients is a key enabling step in administering the maximum safe dose."

In this treatment, the patient received five injections in the cervical region of the spinal cord in addition to the 10 previously received in the lumbar region of the spine, for a total of 15 injections. This is the highest number of injections in the trial so far.

Two additional previously treated patients are expected to return to the trial this summer in this cohort of 18 patients, provided they continue to meet the inclusion requirements. The trial is taking place at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Ga.

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