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From Curriculum to Workforce: How to Bring Regenerative Medicine to Your Students

Regenerative medicine is emerging in biomedical research, clinical translation, and scaled biomanufacturing. To best prepare their students to join this workforce, community college and baccalaureate bioscience programs should review their curriculums to ensure this important field is being incorporated.

In this webinar you will find the following:

  • Regenerative Medicine Approvals Need a Workforce – Jim DeKloe, Solano Community College
  • Incorporating Gene Therapy Skills and Knowledge into Existing Courses and Programs – Margaret Bryans, Montgomery County Community College
  • Immunofluorescence in the classroom – Cheryl Burrell, Forsyth Tech Community College

A panel discussion moderated by Bill Woodruff, Professor Emeritus, Biotechnology, Alamance Community College, follows these presentations to emphasize the key points and answer questions from the live webinar audience.

Learn how to put these best practices into action and improve your program.

This webinar is hosted by the RegenMed Development Organization (ReMDO) and Stem Cells Portal and supported by the National Science Foundation Advanced Technological Education Program and Bank of America.


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