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Key Puzzle for Cellular Memory Solved

COPENHAGEN, (DK), August 2018 — The cells in our body divide constantly throughout life. But how do cells remember whether to develop into a skin, liver or intestinal cell? It's a question that has puzzled scientists for many years.

Now, scientists from the University of Copenhagen have come a little closer to understanding this process.The finding is crucial for understanding development from one cell to a whole body.

DNA replication machinery (yellow) ensures equal distribution of histones (blue) with epigenetic marks (purple flags) to the two new DNA strands

Neonatal Pig Hearts Can Heal From Heart Attack

BIRMINGHAM, AL (US), August 2018 — While pigs still cannot fly, researchers have discovered that the hearts of newborn piglets do have one remarkable ability: They can almost completely heal themselves after experimental heart attacks.

Three-Dimensional Bioprinting: The Future of Corneal Blindness Treatment?

Researchers employ pneumatic 3D extrusion bioprinting to generate bona fide biological corneal structures for regenerative medicine applications

Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cell Showdown Suggests Fresh is Best!

Researchers comparing hematopoietic stem cells from various sources establish an advantage of freshly-isolated cells over in vitro expanded cells

Boosting Hippocampal Neurogenesis to Treat Cognitive Dysfunction

A novel compound that increases neurogenesis in the hippocampus may represent a new means to treat hippocampus-associated cognitive dysfunction

Tbx6 Revealed as Crucial to Heart and Skeleton Formation from Stem Cells

TSUKUBA, (JP), August 2018 — Many studies have attempted to identify a single transcription factor that can induce formation of mesoderm, an early layer in embryonic development, without help from other cellular proteins. None have been successful, until now.

mesoderm induced by Tbx6 from fibroblasts of mouse.

Key Aspects of Human Cell Aging Reversed by New Compounds

EXETER, (UK), August 2018 — Key aspects of the aging of human cells can be reversed by new compounds developed at the University of Exeter, research shows.

In a laboratory study of endothelial cells — which line the inside of blood vessels — researchers tested compounds designed to target mitochondria (the "power stations" of cells).

Breast Cancer Reprises Pathways Found in Fetal Cells

LA JOLLA, CA (US), August 2018 — Using just a microscope, Italian surgeon Francesco Durante was struck by the similarities between cells in the most malignant cancers and the embryonic cells of the organ in which the cancer originated.

Single Transplantation of Therapeutic Macrophages Improves Rare Lung Disease in Mice

HANNOVER, (DE), August 2018 — Hereditary pulmonary alveolar proteinosis (herPAP) is a rare disease characterized by the slow build-up of lipo-protein material in the lungs due to the failure of highly specialized cells called macrophages, which usually eat away this material from the pulmonary air-space. Researchers in Germany demonstrate that a single transplantation of murine macrophages derived from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) into the lungs of mice suffering from herPAP can effectively treat this life-threatening disease.

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