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Neural Stem Cells



New Tool Aims to Advance NSC-based Anti-tumor Therapies

A new study describes a new quantitative tool to assess the fate of NSCs and their anti-tumor cargo in a mouse model of brain cancer

Heart Failure and Memory Loss: Is Angiotensin II the Missing Link?

A new study highlights the mechanisms by which heart failure leads to memory loss and in doing so, may have found a means to reduce this significant comorbidity

Identifying and Characterizing Neural Stem Cells in the Adult Spinal Cord

Researchers identify and characterize different neural stem cell populations derived from the spinal cord and describe how injury and MBP control their activity

Imaging the Integration of Transplanted Neurons in the Lesioned Brain

Using an exciting imaging technique, researchers show that transplanted neurons can integrate in the damaged brain

Astrocyte to NSC Conversion for Neurological Regeneration

A new study demonstrates how converting astrocytes into neural stem cells may represent an exciting new strategy for neurological regeneration

Age is not a factor for SVZ-NSCs in the Hippocampus!

New research suggests that NSCs transplanted into the dentate gyrus of the hippocampus function well in both young and old mice

miRNA Regulation of NSC Self-renewal and Differentiation

Delineating how miRNAs regulate neural stem cell differentiation in the hope of creating effective regenerative strategies

Induced Neural Stem Cells - A Safe and Effective Means to Treat Brain Tumors?

A new study finds that neural stem cells directly differentiated from fibroblasts may be an important part of an improved strategy to treat aggressive brain tumors

Immunomodulatory Function of NPCs Improves Recovery in Animal Model of Multiple Sclerosis

A new study suggests that paracrine signaling from NSCs may be useful in the treatment of multiple sclerosis

Using Modified Neural Stem Cells to Inhibit Breast Cancer Brain Metastasis

A new study shows that modified neural stem cells can effectively target and inhibit the growth of brain metastases and enhance survival in a mouse model of breast cancer.


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