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Cancer Stem Cells

CD44+ Cells Drive Drug‐resistance in Prostate Cancer

Researchers discover the resistance of CD44+ prostate cancer stem cells to combined docetaxel/fenofibrate treatment

Lung Cancer Development Driven by a High-Plasticity Cell State

The existence of a high-plasticity cell state supports high tumorigenic capacity and drug resistance of lung adenocarcinoma cells and associates with poor patient prognosis

Mitochondrial Proteases in AML

A new perspective discusses the effects of genetically and chemically dysregulating mitochondrial proteases in AML

Cell Therapy and Immunotherapy in AML

A curative immunotherapy for AML remains undescribed, possibly due to the resistance of the LSCs

Stem Cells in Microgravity

Microgravity provides a unique environment for cell culture and can induce cellular changes and processes unachievable under normal gravitational conditions.

Glioma Stem Cell-derived ALPs Support TAM Development

Despite strong correlations with poor prognosis, it remains unclear whether necrosis represents a cause or a consequence of malignant glioma progression.  Now, a new study from the labs of

Clinical Targeting of Cancer Stem Cells

The premise and predictions of the cancer stem cell (CSC) model of cancer are being evaluated in the clinic as cancer stem cell‐targeted therapies enter clinical trials.

cPLA2α regulates Cervical CSC Subsets

TRIM Proteins and Cancer Cell Stemness

The tripartite‐motif (TRIM) family of proteins participate in a variety of cellular functions and biological processes, and recent data has revealed their significant role in the acquisition and maintenance of the stem cell phenotype.

Delineating Tcf7l1-mediated Liver Cancer Stem Cell Regulation

A new study provides insight into the extracellular signals that modulate liver CSC self‐renewal and highlights the inhibitory roles of Tcf7l1 in cancer


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