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Skin Fibroblasts Induce Local Nerve Regeneration

The activation of fibroblasts and their reprogramming into a neural cell-like state following wounding supports the regrowth of axons from local nerves

Cell Therapies in Cardiac Repair

A new review summarizes recent progress in the field of paracrine and stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes for cardiac repair and regeneration

StEMM and the Heart Stem Cell Niche

Researchers develop a new technique to evaluate the presence and localization of stem/progenitor cell niches in the heart

Comprehensive Evaluation of Cell Therapy for NICM

Meta-analysis supports the concept that cell therapy remains a promising therapeutic option for nonischemic dilated cardiomyopathy

New Advance Supports Extended Ex Vivo Mouse Embryo Development

A highly effective platform for the ex-utero culture of post-implantation mouse embryos permits the study of embryonic stages from before gastrulation till the hindlimb formation stage

Workforce Development in Regenerative Medicine

A new perspective article addresses workforce development in regenerative medicine

Analyzing PSC Culture with StemCellQC

Researchers report StemCellQC as a label-free video bioinformatics analysis tool for evaluating pluripotent stem cell morphology, quality, and dynamics during in vitro culture

Radiotherapy and the Immune System

A review discusses how ionizing radiation provokes tumor‐specific immune responses by inducing immunogenic cancer cell death and reshaping the tumor microenvironment

Organoid Technology – A Review

A new review discusses concerns regarding organoids, the methods available for organoid formation, and the types of reported human organoid models

Engineered Human Cardiac Microtissues

Researchers highlights the development of in vitro cardiac tissue models towards a better understanding of cardiac function, pathology, and therapeutic responses


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