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Cord Blood Stem Cells

Treg Treatment of TBI

An exciting new STEM CELLS Translational Medicine article from the laboratories of Scott D. Olson and Charles S.

Trialing Cord Blood Infusions to Inhibit Complications in Preterm Infants

Trial provides evidence for the safety and feasibility of cord blood cell infusion after birth in preterm neonates to reduce the rate of complications

Using Umbilical Cord Blood for Regenerative Therapy

Successful pre‐clinical studies in animal models heralded the increasing clinical interest of cord blood in regenerative therapy.

Autologous Cord Blood Cells for Preterm Birth

A recent STEM CELLS Translational Medicine article reporting on a prospective non-r

USSCs Improves Neurobehavioral Performance

Intraventricular hemorrhage (IVH), a severe complication of preterm birth leading to hydrocephalus, cerebral palsy, and mental retardation, suffers from a lack of therapeutic approaches.

Younger Stem Cells Enhance Functional Recovery from Spinal Cord Injury

Early intravenous infusion of umbilical cord stem cells fosters long‐term improvements in tissue and functional readouts following spinal cord injury

New Trial of Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stem Cells for Osteoarthritis Suggests Safety and Efficacy

A new study reports the results of a trial comparing intra‐articular injection of umbilical cord MSCs for the treatment of human knee osteoarthritis

Osteoblast-secreted Factors Enhance Platelet Engraftment of Umbilical Cord Blood Progenitors

A study reports on the factors controlling improved platelet engraftment of umbilical cord blood progenitors by osteoblast conditioned medium treatment

How Human Cord Blood Stem Cells Can Inhibit Cancer Progression in Skin Disorder Patients

The development of squamous cell carcinoma in patients suffering from recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa may be suppressed by cord blood‐derived stem cells

Trial of Single Human Umbilical Cord Blood‐MSC Infusion Reports Safety and Tolerability and Suggests Efficacy

The first human trial of human umbilical cord blood‐derived MSCs in rheumatoid arthritis patients suggest safety and efficacy of a single intravenous infusion


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