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Drug Screening for Dysferlinopathy Using iPSCs

Given the lack of effective pharmaceutical approaches to the treatment of the progressive muscle disorder dysferlinopathy, researchers led by Yuko Kokubu and Hidetoshi Sakurai (Kyoto University, Japan) sought to use screen myocytes from induced pluripotent stem cells derived from a dysferlinopathy patient (Miyoshi myopathy).

Comparative Study Highlights Optimal Strategy for Retinal Cell Generation from hPSCs

Cell line‐specific differences and embryoid body maintenance methods contribute to the differing abilities of hPSCs to produce laminated retinal tissue

Identification of Human Pluripotent Founder Cells

N-cadherin positive hPSCs function in the initiation and establishment of pluripotency and have now been postulated as human pluripotent “founder” cells

IDO1 Controls Embryonic Stem Cell Metabolism

A recent STEM CELLS article from the laboratories of Xuemei Fu and Yan

Sympk-Oct4 Promotes Self-renewal and Pluripotency of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells

New findings suggest that the Sympk scaffold protein interacts with Oct4 to promote self‐renewal and pluripotency in mouse ESCs and preserve genome integrity

Cell Cycle Dynamics of Pluripotent Stem Cells

Recently, researchers from the labs of Anshul Kundaje and

Heart-specific Laminin Isoform Aids Cardiovascular Progenitor Generation for Cardiac Therapy

Researchers develop a new clinically relevant protocol to differentiate hPSCs into cardiovascular progenitors that can generate cardiomyocytes in vivo

Single Cell RNA-Sequencing Reveals the Inner Complexity of Stem Cell-derived Retinal Organoids

High-throughput Integrated Fluidic Circuits for single-cell RNA sequencing describes embryonic stem cell‐derived retinal organoids during differentiation

Deriving Dopaminergic Neurons from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells: The Current Status and the Way Forward

Systematic evaluation of methods to differentiate dopaminergic neurons from hPSCs identifies measures to improve comparisons and clinical translation

Clustering-mediated Functional Maturation of Pluripotent Stem Cell-derived Pancreatic Cells

Immature hPSC-derived pancreatic β cell clustering in vitro promotes the generation of mature β cells that resemble their endogenous counterparts


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