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Contractile Protein Isoform Switch Prompts iPSC-derived Cardiomyocytes to Mature

Sarcomeric maturation and the induction of adult-like function following TnI expression may foster the therapeutic application of in hiPSC‐derived cardiomyocytes

hiPSC Organoids Model Lung Disorder

New lung organoid model allows the identification of primary cell‐intrinsic and secondary causes of congenital diaphragmatic hernia lung hypoplasia

COVID-19 Drug Discovery and Pandemic Preparedness

A new article describes a rapid screening technology for drug discovery and repurposing in the context of SARS‐CoV‐2/COVID-19

Regulatory Considerations for Autologous iPSC-based Therapies

Due to their potential to treat degenerative diseases, many have hailed induced pluripotent stem cell‐based therapies as the future of regenerative medicine

hiPSC-derived Atrial Myocyte-based Drug Platform

A new study describes a drug screening platform using human induced pluripotent stem cell‐derived atrial cardiomyocytes and a multiwell optical mapping system

Engineering Hypoimmunogenic Pluripotent Stem Cells

Newly described hypoimmunogenic human pluripotent stem cells could serve as invaluable cell sources for regenerative purposes.

Deriving Clinically-Relevant Numbers of Human iPSCs From Optimized Bioreactor Culture

An optimized protocol employing a vertical‐wheel bioreactor achieves the rapid generation of clinically-relevant numbers of human induced pluripotent stem cells

PAX6-targeted miRNA in Human Retinal Organoids

Peskova et al. provide evidence that the miR‐183/96/182 cluster plays a significant role in the morphogenesis of the neural retina

Immunogenicity Of iPSC-derived Myogenic Cells

Analysis of humanized mouse models provided evidence that human immune cell infiltration in skeletal muscle should not be used alone to predict immunogenicity

iPSC for Neurodevelopmental Disorders

researchers review current knowledge regarding iPSC models for schizophrenia and autism spectrum disorders with an emphasis on their discrimination.


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