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Kidney Stem Cells

Role of Epigenetics in Kidney Progenitor Cells

Kidney dysplasia has been associated with the failure of kidney progenitor cells during development, and, recently, progress has been made in understanding the importance of epigenetic mechanisms to this phenomenon.

A Role for CD133 in Stem Cell-Mediated Kidney Repair

A new study describes a putative role of the stem cell-associated pentaspan-trans-membrane glycoprotein CD133 in coordinating stem cell-mediated repair of kidney damage

Biomaterial Mobilizes Host Stem Cells to Promote Kidney Regeneration

A new study establishes that the injection of a collagen-based biomaterial can mobilize endogenous stem cells to promote kidney regeneration in a mouse model

Towards a Cell-Free Treatment for Kidney Injury

A new study suggests that engraftment of transplanted human kidney cells is not required for the effective treatment of kidney injury 

iPSC-Derived Renal Progenitors Successfully Treat Kidney Injury

Researchers demonstrate that progenitor cells derived from induced pluripotent stem cells have the ability to promoter kidney injury in a mouse model.

“Mini-kidneys” Grown from Adult Kidney Stem Cells?

Researchers identify adult kidney stem cells, and using 3D growth conditions, differentiate stem cell clusters into kidney-like structures.

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